Job opportunities after the QLTS

Let’s be honest: the QLTS is meant to be a way to get better job opportunities.

Sometimes, especially when I can’t be bothered of studying after a long day at work I ask myself whether that is true.

Who can guarantee that after the QLTS we will have a better job, a promotion, or a job in the UK if you are planning to move over here?

The answer is easy – no one can guarantee.

But sometimes you accidentally come across a recruiter and that is your chance to build a little confidence.

I met John through a common friend and I took my opportunity to test whether I was on the right path.

London is a multicultural, multinational, multi linguistic hub and us (foreigners) have the advantage of knowing another language (or two), we come from different cultural backgrounds and are therefore more adaptable to changing scenarios.

But the truth is that when it comes to hiring someone what is on your cv will make the difference only when you have met the minimum requirements.

And when it comes to our sector, being a qualified solicitor (i.e. the QLTS) is often one of those.

Long story short: John confirmed that you can find jobs because you speak Portuguese (see here, for instance) or because you come from South East Asia and can manage the relationship with who is on the ground, but you get access to a wider range of opportunities if you are a UK qualified solicitor.

Isn’t that the reason why you are reading this blog?




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Hi! My name is Marco and I’m the guy behind PasstheQlts. As you would imagine, I graduated in Law in Italy and qualified as a solicitor in Italy and Spain. I was working in house for a retail company for the last few years in Italy, but then decided I needed a change of perspective, culture, opportunities and so on. And London was the answer to my internal struggle! I moved to London and now it’s time to set the next steps in my career. To be totally honest I knew that the only logical step, unless you are looking for a career change (yes, but what?), if you want to practice Law in the UK, is what this blog is about: to pass the QLTS Exam, the Qualified Transfer Scheme! Really, I am just a guy who has the goal to pass the QLTS Exam to build a professional career in Law in London. I will share my study plan with you, read all the possible guides, interview successful candidates and try to post everything online. Of course any help, question, comment or suggestion from you will be greatly appreciated! Best of luck! Cheers! M


  1. Hi Marco,

    I’m wondering if a law firm in London (and clients) would prefer hiring someone who passed a law degree in the UK and Legal practise course, over someone coming with another EU country law degree…
    The reason is I’d like to become a lawyer and practise in London (where I currently live), but obviously it would be much easier for me to study in French and then take the QLTS exam.

    Do you have some information about the career of other people who took the QLTS coming from another EU country?

    Thanks a lot,

    • Hi Franck, yours is a very good question, one that probably only HR people would be able to answer. The two routes lead to the same result, ie the formation of a fully qualified solicitor in England and Wales. If I were you I would consider the time and costs of each route, and then pick the most convenient one. How long would it take you to qualify in France?

      • Thank you for your reply.
        After reading a bit more, I understand now that if I want to practice law in the UK and since I don’t have any law degree yet from elsewhere, it would make much more sense to study in the UK.
        It only takes 3 years since I already have an undergraduate diploma.
        I guess the QLTS applies more for people who already have a degree outside of the UK.
        Thank you for your support Alegher.

  2. Hi Marco,
    I am a qualified lawyer in Greece and I am attending to pass the MCT assessment on July. I am wondering what opportunities could give me only the MCT without the OSCE? Thanks for advance.

    • Hi Ioannis,
      it really depends on the type of opportunity you are looking for. As a foreign lawyer with the MCT you still wouldn’t have access to qualified jobs. On the other hand you could still apply for paralegal positions and document review jobs open for EU qualified lawyers, if that is what you are after.
      Please let me know if you need anything further.

  3. Dear Marco:

    My name is Antonella, I am a qualified solicitor in Ecuador. Recently I did an LLM at UCL and I fell in love with London. I would very much like to practice there and I am considering doing the QLTS with the aim of getting a job in a law firm.

    How realistic do you think my aspirations are? I currently work in a top tier law firm in my country and I have relevant experience in Company and Competition Law. I am in my late twenties.

    Also, my employer in the UK would have to sponsor a work permit for me.

    Can you please share your experience after the QLTS?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Antonella, welcome to Pass the QLTS! My experience is very different as I am an EU citizen and – at least for the near future – makes everything easier. I still believe that London is full of opportunities for foreigners with skills that aren’t available here, so my suggestion would be to pursuit your dream if you really want to move here. Speak to recruiters, they will be happy to help you ($$ for them) and will definitely give you a clearer picture of the market. You can find a list of recruiters here:

  4. Dear Marco,

    I had cleared my Qltt in 2008 after pursuing my LLM here in Uk. Post which I moved back to my country. I worked as an Associate with a few law firms before taking a break to bring up my daughters. I am now looking to restart as a Solicitor ( which I am already qualified, though I hold a non- practising certificate) and move back to UK. Can you please guide as to how am I supposed to go about the same as in am I supposed to take up a referesher course in UK laws or should I apply as an internee.

    It would be really kind if you could reply back to the query.

    Regards, Manneet

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