List of UK Legal Recruiters for QLTS candidates

During the past weeks I’ve received many emails asking for my list of UK legal recruiters I have used in the past.

It took me some time as I’ve been very busy lately, but I have finally had the time to go through the list I created some time ago and update it.

Why? Because the last time I looked at it was almost two years ago, when I finally found my current position.

A few tips for your job search:

  1. Be here. I know London is expensive and you might not want to move until you find the perfect job offer, but any recruiter will tell you that a UK address/phone number is essential.
  2. Make sure you have someone (possibly a native speaker) to check that what you’ve put on the CV makes sense in English – recruiters know English is not your first language, but you want to make sure they understand your skills.
  3. Adjust each CV for each position/Company/Law Firm, and keep track of what you sent, when and to whom you’ve sent it – you don’t want to discuss the wrong CV during your interview!
  4. Answer the phone and reply to emails promptly – you’ll be surprised by how quick the job market can be in London.
  5. Get in touch with as many recruiters you can. They work on a commission basis and will be more than happy to find you a job. And the only effective way of practicing your interviewing skills, is to be interviewed as many times as possible.
  6. Build a network. It is far more easy to land a job if you are recommended by a friend/colleague.

The first job I landed in London was as a Document Reviewer. It gave me an opportunity to pay the bills, to put some UK experience on my CV and to prove to myself I could find a job in this tough market.

If you want to get more info about Document Review jobs, go on and subscribe. You’ll receive offers for projects that are not published anywhere else, particularly if you have language skills.

Finally, as usual, feel free to leave comments and suggestions!



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Hi! My name is Marco and I’m the guy behind PasstheQlts. As you would imagine, I graduated in Law in Italy and qualified as a solicitor in Italy and Spain. I was working in house for a retail company for the last few years in Italy, but then decided I needed a change of perspective, culture, opportunities and so on. And London was the answer to my internal struggle! I moved to London and now it’s time to set the next steps in my career. To be totally honest I knew that the only logical step, unless you are looking for a career change (yes, but what?), if you want to practice Law in the UK, is what this blog is about: to pass the QLTS Exam, the Qualified Transfer Scheme! Really, I am just a guy who has the goal to pass the QLTS Exam to build a professional career in Law in London. I will share my study plan with you, read all the possible guides, interview successful candidates and try to post everything online. Of course any help, question, comment or suggestion from you will be greatly appreciated! Best of luck! Cheers! M


  1. Thanks for all the update and tips on passing the QLTS.I recently relocated to the UK.Haven been qualified as an international trained lawyer from Nigeria.I have been authorized to take the MCT test with Pearson Vue.I want to know the way forward as i am relatively new to the UK

  2. I am resident at Wolverhampton.I need a job of paralegal or paralegal trainee to start with.I shall be most grateful if your assistance on this can bring me up.Most importantly I like to book and partake in the July 2021 QLTS MCT ASSESSMENT.I actually did registered for the January assessment but had it cancelled few days to the January 13th first due to low prep for the test as I could not get a prep class early because I registered late.I was fully refunded,hence ready to book the July 2021 session and proceed to book the prep class come April.
    Please let me know how I can be assisted on the issue raised.Thanks in anticipation sir/ma.

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