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The OSCE is probably the most challenging part of the QLTS, or at least it is for Civil Law lawyers.

In fact while for the MCT you could possibly be prepared only studying the books or the course material, the OSCE assessment will test the skills of interviewing, advocacy, legal research, writing and drafting in the context of the following areas of practice: business, civil and criminal litigation, and property and probate.

As a result a different set of skills is tested and hence the preparation cannot be only book-based.

The market for course providers has, in my opinion, three major players:

  • BPP
  • QLTS School
  • QLTS Advantage

All of them offer various packages, with tutoring sessions, mock exams and so on that will influence the price you pay, but in short this is the offering:


OSCE Online includes skills series
2,200 £ + VAT

QLTS School

1,390 £ 1,890 £ 2,390 £
5 mock stations 7 mock stations 10 mock stations

QLTS Advantage

1,570 £ 1,980 £
includes 4 days of review lectures (two weekends) and mock exams

A final disclaimer: Pass the QLTS has no affiliation whatsoever with the mentioned course providers. I don’t get anything for mentioning one provider instead of another, and if you feel that another provider should be included in this analysis, please let me know!

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