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The OSCE part of the QLTS is really different from the MCT, but I’ll try to give you an overview of the OSCE preparation books that you can use.

To use Kaplan’s definition:

“The OSCE examines Outcomes C, D and F of the SRA’s Day One Outcomes. Candidates are examined in the 3 practice areas of:

  • Business
  • Property and Probate
  • Civil and Criminal Litigation

In each of these practice areas candidates do each of the following exercises once:

  • Client interview
  • Completion of attendance note/case analysis
  • Advocacy/oral presentation
  • Legal research
  • Legal writing
  • Legal drafting

In total therefore candidates undertake 18 assessed exercises: 6 in Business, 6 in Property and Probate, and 6 in Civil and Criminal Litigation.

The client interview and completion of attendance note /case analysis are linked in that the attendance note/ case analysis is based on the information acquired during the client interview. The other exercises are based on scenarios that are not linked.”

You will find a number of Sample questions on the OSCE page, so that you can make yourself an idea.

Again, you can prepare the OSCE using a course provider or independently, using a bunch of books (listed below) and ideally forming study groups with fellow OSCE candidates.

A note on forming study groups: this is highly recommended, particularly if you have a civil law background and English is not your first language. Practicing with other students will be essential, as the examination will involve client interviewing, oral presentation and so on.

Now the list of books with the direct link to Amazon – remember to always check you are effectively getting the latest edition:

1. Legal Practice Companion – by Montagu and Weston.
2. Foundations for the LPC (Legal Practice Course Guide)
3. Civil Litigation 2016-2017 (Blackstone Legal Practice Course Guide)
4. Criminal Litigation 2015-2016 (Blackstone Legal Practice Course Guide)
5. Business Law 2016-2017 (Blackstone Legal Practice Course Guide)
6. Property Law 2016-2017 (Blackstone Legal Practice Course Guide)

If you have any suggestions for books that you believe should on this list, reach out!



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