QLTS Preparation courses reviews

First of all, congratulations to those of you who have passed the MCT!

Now it’s the time to give something back, I need your help.

Whether you have just passed the MCT or a newbie, or you have already completed the full QLTS process, I would ask you to share your experience while preparing for the QLTS.

Think about the information you would’ve needed when you did choose one preparation route instead of the other, and try to help a fellow QLTS candidate that is facing the same decision.

I would ask you to complete the poll below, and if you like to share any opinion in the comment box.

Think about the material, the support you received and the things that could be improved by your course provider.

All the blog readers will be extremely grateful to you, because every little peace of information helps!

Don’t be shy and be honest!

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Hi! My name is Marco and I’m the guy behind PasstheQlts. As you would imagine, I graduated in Law in Italy and qualified as a solicitor in Italy and Spain. I was working in house for a retail company for the last few years in Italy, but then decided I needed a change of perspective, culture, opportunities and so on. And London was the answer to my internal struggle! I moved to London and now it’s time to set the next steps in my career. To be totally honest I knew that the only logical step, unless you are looking for a career change (yes, but what?), if you want to practice Law in the UK, is what this blog is about: to pass the QLTS Exam, the Qualified Transfer Scheme! Really, I am just a guy who has the goal to pass the QLTS Exam to build a professional career in Law in London. I will share my study plan with you, read all the possible guides, interview successful candidates and try to post everything online. Of course any help, question, comment or suggestion from you will be greatly appreciated! Best of luck! Cheers! M


  1. Guys, to all of you who have already voted: Please leave a brief comment about the provider, the course, the material.
    Would you recommend the course? Why?

    • Hi,
      I totally agree with you.
      I start preparing from QLTS Advantage materials and they are not comprehensive, many mistakes and the questions are confusing. I found one question with two different ansure.
      Is good that is having the classes in London which are recorded and that is your video material…
      I really recommend following this blog recomandation. I fail my test in January 2018 and that is my plan.
      The MCT books from this blog and some material from QLTS advantage, I already pay for it.
      Good luck for all of you

      • Hi Cristina,

        I am thinking on doing the MCT in July but I haven’t decided yet with which provider I’ll do it. If QLTS advantage is not recommendable would you say QLTS Scholl is better? I have friends who don’t recommend it so I am slightly confused


        • Hi Veronica
          I am planning to do the MCT on July (though not sure I have anough time)and I was thinking to buy the QLTSchool material. Would you be interested in sharing it? They are very expensive!

      • Dear Cristina, We are sorry to hear that you had trouble with our study materials, and we do take customer complaints very seriously. If delegates come across something in the study materials that doesn’t make sense, they can always contact our support team and we are here to help! We are constantly updating the study materials with the help of our tutors (real professors from a real law school – City, University of London) – so you can be sure that our courses are always up to date.

    • The QLTS Advantage Sucks site doesn’t seem to work anymore, and I believe they merged with City University so their course may or may not have changed.

      I will be using QLTS Advantage for the upcoming exam in November, and if anyone who is using the QLTS School course wants to partner up and study together from both of these course providers, feel free to email me at: qltsprep@protonmail.com

      Good luck to everyone!


  2. I took the QLTS School for the MCT and the QLTs Advantge course for the OSCE. I absolutely do NOT recommend QLTS Advantage and am very unhappy to have invested in their services. I haven’t gotten my results so this is not related to my results, QLTS Advantage provided blatantly incorrect and outdated materials both regarding the substantive materials and the format of the exam itself.

    • Hi Tina. I am thinking of taking the QLTS Advantage course because it’s the only provider that offers live lectures. Do you think the lectures are useful? Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • I’m doing QLTS Advantage for both MCT & OSCE. I wish I had read this review beforehand, because I find the materials to be really awful. You have to read the materials on the computer, and when I asked for PDFs so that I can print out materials (I already spend 9-10/hrs a day at work staring at a screen, so I have NO interest in doing that when I get home), they gave me like 6 of the handouts and said something along the lines of “For the other stuff, you’re going to have to use Lexis or Google to learn about the case law.”

      I’m still confused as to what I am getting for the money I paid. The materials are so poorly written with typos everywhere, terrible organization and explanations, and they often just say stuff like “the factors can be found in XYZ case”. I wish I had seen this website before. I would have just bought the Oxford books and studied on my own.

      I guess I expected to receive concise outlines and explanations. How dumb of me.

      Waste of money.

    • Dear Tina, we would just like to clarify that our course materials are constantly updated. Particularly if there are changes just before a new exam, we will email our delegates to make sure they are aware and fully prepared to sit the exam with confidence.

  3. I took the QTLS School for both the MCT and the OSCE. The QTLS school basic materials for the MCT have a LOT of typos and sometimes a sentence or two doesn’t make sense. While you lose faith in the study materials because you’re paying approximately a thousand dollars for typos, I passed. I purchased the mid-tier OSCE materials from QTLS school for approximately $2,500 dollars. But you also have to pay approximately $400 for books (optional) and $400 for Westlaw and Lexis access for 4 months. Accordingly, you will be spending approximately $3,500 dollars at the end of the day to study by yourself with minimal feedback.

  4. I’m looking into which provider can help in the preparation of the MCT exam. I found BCPC The College of Professional Studies. Does anyone have experience with their services? Does the material come fully explained or just outline notes?

    • They are rubbish. Had to chase them
      For months to get the material which were not provided at the end of it all. Not recommended as they are very unprofessional in dealing with their customers

  5. I took QLTS School course for MCT and I was satisfied with the material and the mock tests provided. Yes some questions were not answered correctly but that number would be only around 5 out of around 800. I had limited time to prepare for MCT but I passed in first attempt. I felt whatever material they provided was more than sufficient. I would recommend QLTS School for MCT preparation. The only flip side is, yes, it is very expensive.

    Now Coming to OSCE- I would request someone here to advice me, if possible, I have again taken mid-tier course offered by QLTS School, however for OSCE preparation I have heard mixed reviews between QLTS School and QLTS Advantage. I know QLTS Advantage offers live videos. Can someone tell how helpful the live videos have been to people?

  6. I took QLTS School course for MCT and I was satisfied with the material and the mock tests provided. Yes some questions were not answered correctly but that number would be only around 5 out of around 800. I had limited time to prepare for MCT but I passed in first attempt. I felt whatever material they provided was more than sufficient. I would recommend QLTS School for MCT preparation. The only flip side is, yes, it is very expensive.

    Now Coming to OSCE- I would request someone here to advice me, if possible, I have again taken mid-tier course offered by QLTS School, however for OSCE preparation I have heard mixed reviews between QLTS School and QLTS Advantage. I know QLTS Advantage offers live videos. Can someone tell how helpful the live videos have been to people?

  7. I registered with the QLTS School but due to personal reasons could not proceed to actually use the online course ( it expires after 12 months of enrollment ) but I did receive the 2015 text books for the MCT. Reading the various comments, I would appreciate some feedback as to whether for those of you who studied with the QLTS School would recommend me using these books or will they be too outdated? I have also looked at the list of current books one can buy through Amazon and even there some were last published in 2013. Can anyone advise on doing the exam independently.

  8. I went with QLTS school for both MCT and OSCE. I was pleased with QLTS school for the MCT assessment (even though I would consider the questions on the exam more difficult than the practice questions provided for QLTS school).

    As for OSCE, the actual study material are the OUP books that you have to buy yourself in addition to the QLTS school pack. Westlaw/Lexis Nexis also needs to be obtained separately. When the QLTS school website refers to ‘legal research guides’, they are referring to a few videos that show how to research a specific question. Both Westlaw and Lexis provide video tutorials on their website that can teach you the same thing.
    The added value of QLTS school consists officially of tutor support, providing you with study guides, skills online exercises and mock exams.

    My experience so far (I did not yet pass the exam) is that the only thing worth the money are the mock exams, which create the exam circumstances in terms of timing limitations, and provide full sample answers. The practice area summaries are handy, the OSCE course guides are lower quality than you can expect from a GBP 1990 course and tutor support is not what it is sold to be. You get a standard answer or template as a correction, which comes down to the same as having mock exams online.

    By lack of other and better alternatives I can recommend it. I am hoping new service providers will join the market and break the monopoly, so the quality of service providers can improve.

    • Hi Laura, thanks so much for sharing your experience, it’ll be greatly beneficial to other fellow students. Do you mind if I make a post of your comment? I think it clearly deserves more visibility. Cheers, Marco

  9. BPP are no longer offering the QLTS course. I just finished my MCT and did it through BPP. They were really good so it is really disappointing that they have decided not to offer it anymore. I am considering QLTS Advantage or QLTS School. This thread definitely suggests QLTS School over Advantage, but I’ve noted that City Law University has partnered up with Advantage, so wonder if it is any better now?

    • Hi Milly,

      Do you know when this partnership happened? I wonder that if it has been going on for a while and the reviews are not good then City has not made any difference.

    • Hi Milly,

      I went with QLTS Advantage and it’s been disappointing. I complained that the materials were out of date and mock exams had many mistakes and they sent me ‘new’ materials which are exactly the same as the old ones, with a changed date. This is particularly annoying for tax law which was written in 2016.. A lot of rules have changed since then and i had to guess at the exam as the questions were not covered in the manuals… I failed for 1% which made it even more annoying… They really need to do something as they publish that they are a Law school…. And yet the answers to my emails have been very unprofessional (for ex. I had asked for the materials in printable versions and the answer was ‘if you dont study them online, you will fail the exam’. No comments on that. The materials are more than 1000 pages and they received so many complaints that they now provide them. Finally. They also sent me emails by mistake and then follow ups with subject ‘oops, sorry’. Totally unprofessional. They havent answered to my latest emails where im asking if the materials are up to date. No need to bore you more, but they really need to make a bigger effort and i doubt their success rates are as presented online as all the people i met in the live tutorials failed.. Live weekends are useful and materials shorter than the qlts school ones. Your choice!

      • Dear Elena, as we have received various suggestions from delegates in a similar situation regarding printable materials, we have since added the option to download and print out the foundation manuals, which should make studying more convenient. However, there are certain parts of the OSCE course, which indeed have to be done online, with an internet connection – these interactive exercises mimic the exact format of the exam and simply cannot be studies “offline”. I hope this helps!

    • Hi Milly,
      Did you study any additional material(books, lectures ) to pass MCT with BPP or just BPP course was sufficient on its own ? I am preparing with BPP for MCT January sitting. Please email your tips/recommendations at maharry41@gmail.com.
      I would appreciate if you share your experience of MCT with BPP and may help me to pass MCT which is only few days away.


  10. Hi
    I am very confused between School and Advantage.
    School has everything online whereas Advantage provides tution.
    I am due to sit in May OSCE and need some help with choosing the right provider.
    Can anyone compare both institues?

  11. I’m sitting the next MCT and OSCE and would be interested if anyone would like to study together and/or share the costs of materials of a provider – probably QLTS School. Email me at leon.duguit.constant@gmail.com if you would like to buddy up. I am an Australian lawyer and have been practising in the UK for a couple of years.

  12. Good luck! I am American attorney and I will be sitting for the next MCT exam after the July exam. I am now searching for course materials because the prep courses are quite expensive.

  13. I sat MCT exam last year and I felt over prepared and less prepared at the same time. QLTS school attempts to cover all the areas in depth and we tend to lose focus on basic important areas. They have several mistakes and some of the answers and explanations are too technical and hardly analyse the basis for answers. However, overall they cover a vast area of subjects and they are useful in exam, only if you have time to understand and utilize all information. Doing as many mocks build confidence and helps with the time factor. I have yet to test OSCE with them. However, does not seems any other providers are half experienced compared to QLTS School. It is better to get it done now than waiting the exam to change in 2019/20, where there will be more population sitting the same exam including LPC students.

    • I don’t recommend QLTS School OSCE course for anyone (I purchased the premium package as well as every single add-on). Below are my comments:

      -One of the mock exams had a material mistake in relation to the time limits in the Law. They did not make effort to help me to confirm the correct answer at a very critical time before the exam.

      -The revision summary notes are not comprehensive, and many times the meaning is not clear. There were additional around 147 pages, for which I couldn’t find any summary made. I’ve sent an inquiry but I never received a response!

      Package vs. Value:
      -The QLTS School course is not all-inclusive. We have to pay for many add-ons. You will need to purchase basic study materials and add-ons such as books, online mocks, workshops and Westlaw/Lexis access. The course without these add-ons is not sufficient AT ALL, so these add-ons are actually a fundamental part of the course (rather than a real ‘add-on’ in its true meaning). So the price you see is not showing the full picture.

      -Other providers provide unlimited access until you pass the exam, which puts QLTS School at disadvantage. For example, I had to pay for extension and after that you have to pay for the full course again even if you don’t pass (minus a 10% discount).

      -Unlike most other providers, there are no lectures audio or videos for the subject areas.

      -The course does not include any material for foundation subjects which are also required in the OSCE such as contracts and tort.

      -The course is very expensive in comparison to what it includes, and the fact that we have to pay for extensions and essential add-ons.
      For example, in my case, I paid the Premium OSCE Package £2,390 + 125 OSCE Mock Exams £200 + Skills Workshops £390 + Westlaw/Lexis access £400 + Extension 1 £390 + Extension 2 £690 + Books £170)

      I hope this helps!

  14. I used QLTS School for the MCT and was satisfied. I agree that there were mistakes in study materials and mock questions, but on the whole it was very helpful given that i passed on my first attempt.

    I am really torn about OSCE course because the reviews suggest that it is really not worth as much as it is sold for. After having read all the posts I have decided not to go with Advantage at all. Does anyone have experience to share regarding self studying?

  15. I strongly recommend QLTS School for MCT …BUT definitely NOT for OSCE.

    If anyone has access to QLTS Advantage, I’m interested to know how it is now, because I heard that it has improved, but I don’t want to take the risk before I’m sure that it’s lectures are useful.

  16. Hello,

    I am planning to start preparation for QLTS and would like to choose the right course. Has anyone experience with QLTS preparation offered by BARBRI?
    Who had good experience with OSCE and from which course provider?


  17. Hi all,
    wondering if anyone has any reviews of the QLTS training offered by BARBRI? Would be really keen to hear what anyone thinks of it.

  18. Hi,
    Just wondering if anybody could help please on preparing for MCT and what is the best materials to do that.

  19. I see a lot of questions in people asking about what course provider is the best for MCT. I used QLTS School for MCT and with I guess 15 mocks (the middle pack) and it did prepare me well. Their notes and study material was sufficient to sit for the exam and clear it. I did not use other course provider for MCT so can’t comment on how good or bad they are. For OSCE on the contrary, QLTS School disappointed me at all fronts. It was not helpful at all. I had to couple it up with OSCE Smart and that was very helpful. I saw a lot of people suigm QLTS Advantage and we’re happier than QLTS School students definitely.

  20. I meant “using”, not ‘suigm’ and “were” not ‘we’re’ in my comment above! Sorry for the auto correct!

  21. Hello

    I have just signed up to QLTS Advantage to prepare for the OSCE May 2019 sitting. Having read the reviews above, I really hope they have improved now that they have partnered up with City Law School.

    I chose QLTS School to help me to prepare the MCT. I passed on the second attempt. I felt that the materials were confusing at times and there was on occasion where I even found myself correcting my course tutor on an aspect of the law that he was advising me on. I really hope that other course providers begin to offer prep materials as it appears that the providers that are available are substandard.


    • HI Sumi, How was your final experience with QLTS advantage for the OSCE? would you recommend it? I am looking to purchase a guide to prepare for the OSCE in November 2019 and am highly confused.

      • Hello Beste,
        Have you heard any reviews about the QLTS Advantage at all? If so, can you please tell me what they are?

        Thank you!

      • Hello Beste,
        Have you heard any recent reviews about the QLTS Advantage OSCE Guide? Could you please tell me if you have.

        Thank you!

        • Hi All,
          I would be grateful for any feedback on QLTS Advantage, further to their recent improvements and upgrades.


  22. Hi, I am looking to give the QLTS MCT in January 2020. It would be helpful if someone would like to share the costs and possibly study together. I live and work in London, if that’s any help. Email – abhi.tfy@gmail.com

    • Hi Abhi..I am a qualified Lawyer from India and I am presently based in Hull , UK . I am thinking of answering QLTS , MCT in Jan 2020 and I am thinking of buying QLTS School material for that (not yet purchased). From the above comments and recommendations it looks like QLTS School is. Good enough to answer MCT. We can definitely discuss and study together if possible. If anyone has any other suggestions for people who hav newly registered for QLTS kindly email me at rajaskantak@yahoo.co.in.

  23. I am considering to write the MCT in January 2020. Having read the reviews here, I am begining to think that forming a study group where all members cintribute to purchase the materials and studying together will be more beneficial than one person paying such huge sums to provider(s) that actually leave you to yourself as shown by most reviews here.
    Under this arrangement, the cost will be cheaper and the study more effective
    We just need to agree on the modalities. Who knows, this may just transform into an effective training path that will replace the ‘lackluster’ and expensive ones currently on offer.
    I am up for this idea. If you are interested too my email is gombaobem@yahoo.com.

  24. Hi all,

    I am considering to take OSCE in November 2019. Just wondering whether anyone is interested to form a study group. I would also like to hear more about QLTS Advantage or BPP course for OSCE. Grateful if you could share your experience with these providers regarding their OSCE course.

    I used QLTS School for the MCT and I think their materials and mock exams are good enough for the purpose. I purchased the MCT Basic package in April.

    I can be reached at waterviolin@gmail.com if anyone would like to discuss by email.

  25. I passed the July 2019 MCT on the first attempt and I used only QLTS School for my preparation, nothing else. There are many typos in their textbooks as well as some sentences which make no sense at all. But for me their textbooks are more than enough, I did not need any extra materials. The best thing about QLTS School is their mock exams. Totally helpful! I purchased the MCT Advantage Course with 15 mock tests and I was satisfied considering I come from a civil law country.

    Now for OSCE, it’s still a mystery which course provider is worth the money. I have heard so many bad things about the OSCE courses from QLTS School and QLTS Advantage, so I think I won’t go with them this time. I heard some good reviews about OSCE Smart but it is always like they used both QLTS School and OSCE Smart together. I cannot find any review online about Barbri. However, my friend seems to be very happy with his OSCE course with Barbri. So now I’m inclined to follow him. Has anyone heard anything about Barbri or ever used their service?

    • Hi Pat, we are in the same position here, i.e. passed MCT in July with the help of QLTS School, but now not sure which course provider to choose for OSCE.

      I have the same three candidates in mind and QLTS School is the last one on my list due to negative reviews I saw online. QLTS smart is the top candidate but it seems their intake for November OSCE has closed. Have you contacted Barbri for more information? Could you share more of your friend’s experience?

      On a separate note, have you booked the OSCE exam? I am not sure if it’s possible to secure a seat in November.

      If you would like to get in touch I can be reached at waterviolin@gmail.com. Thanks.

      • My friend didn’t explain much and he hasn’t got his result yet. However, he told me that Barbri has like a chat group support. So at least I know I won’t be ignored by the Barbri along the process. You can arrange a phone appointment with Barbri online. They will get back to you and explain about the course. My friend said he thought he did ok in the exam but as he hasn‘t got his result, so I cannot say if Barbri was a good choice.

        I have checked the OSCE Smart and as you said their best course is fully booked. So I don’t think we have any alternatives.

    • Hi all, I have passed the July MCT and have enrolled on the November OSCE and am trying to choose a course provider. I would be really interested to hear more about your friend’s experience with BARBRI if possible? Did they pass on 1st attempt?

      • Hi Elena,

        Did you register for the OSCE in November before the MCT results were released? How much time did Kaplan get back to you condirming a secured seat? Since the MCT results were released last Friday I was only able to pay the exam fee by bank transfer today. I’m not sure whether I am still able to secure a seat and am a bit worried. Grateful if you could share your experience in exam registration for the OSCE. Thanks!

        • Hi Sophie, I paid for the OSCE today (29.07.19€ by credit card and got an instant confirmation. I did not want to transfer the money because I was afraid that it would take some time till my money arrived in the UK. I hope you will get a seat!

        • Hi Sophie, I only registered for the OSCE on Friday afternoon after receiving my MCT result. I paid for it over the phone by credit card on Friday afternoon and received an instant confirmation by email. It might be worth phoning them to check what’s happening with your payment. I have found them to be helpful.

  26. HI everyone… I just passed the MCT taken this July 3, 2019 on my first take, and doing only self-review with a lot of help from the suggested books on this group. I likewise supplemented in Taxation and just read the Solicitors Accounts and Financial Regulations from the website of the SRA – but you may actually read them from the LPC Manual books, I believe. Although I don’t suggest for you not to enroll in any review center, I would like to say that passing the MCT on your own is possible by simply memorizing the syllabus given (Day One Outcomes A).

    I am planning to sit the OSCE this coming November 2019 in London and will be willing to join any of you on a group simulation as I will not be enrolling in any review for the OSCE either. I will be putting all my savings for the examination fee so I can’t afford to enroll in a review.

    Best of luck to all my companions!

  27. Hi,

    I will sit for the November OSCE and have already purchased the OSCESmart. But I am considering to supplement my study and QLTS School’s video packages and multiple-choice practice sound like a good alternative. If anyone who has signed up for QLTS School and would like to share his cost, please contact me at yarui.zhou@hotmail.com

  28. Hi All, Sorry if this is duplication but does anyone know is QLTS Advantage is better now? We want to sign up for the MCT and OSCE package but the reviews aren’t great. Any help for a good MCT provider would be much appreciated. Michelle

    • Hi Michelle,
      I failed my first sitting MCT July 2019 exam with QLTS Advantage. They are not any better I made a mistake choosing them as another friend with QLTS School passed on first attempt.I wish I found this website earlier and not to waste money. Don’t be taken by the QLTS Advantage live lectures.I should say its only 30% useful. As some put it for MCT course their 1000 pages study material on screen is tiring to read. Final blow is their outdated mock exam practice format which will leave you confused during the actual MCT Exam . I suggest you not sign up for both MCT and OSCE course at the same time. Unless money is not of an issue to you.

      • Hi Natasha

        Thank you for sending your comments over. Do you know if you can print out the QLTS Advantage notes or does it have to be onscreen? I might do QLTS School for the MCT and then QLTS Advantage for the OSCE? The advice I have been given is to do a lot of MCT practice exams.

        Thanks in advance for your help.

        Kind regards

  29. Hi everybody,
    I was very unsure about which provider to choose for the OSCE and ended up with QLTS Advantage. I just wanted to say, that they seem to have improved A LOT!! I read so much negativity, that I was a bit worried to be honest, but I really wanted a provider that included Live Tuition. And what can I say, I’m positively surprised. Dealing with them as a company (email support etc.) is a breeze and they accommodated all of my weird requests – such as taking the Live Tuition twice, as I wanted to be extra prepared for the OSCE and felt I wasn’t ready the first time, as I didn’t make enough time for my studies. They give access to the online course until you pass, so even if it takes two or more attempts it’s totally fine. I also really liked in the end that what I bought was all I needed. I didn’t need to buy ANYTHING else at all, as all study materials plus Lexis access are included with them. (I heard from other people that they had to spend quite a bit of money on top of their prep course). Just wanted to say something positive, for those of you who are unsure who to choose, I’d 100% recommend them! Sitting the OSCE in November and I’m ready!! 🙂

  30. Hello, I am in the process of choosing one of the school to prepare for MCT test. It seems that most of the people here had a bad experience with QLTS advantage. I know a colleague who signed up for OSCE preparation course with QLTS advantage and she is very happy with their service and the study materials they provide. She mentioned that the live lectures on weekends are very useful – P.S. she passed it.
    Does anyone has a recent experience with them preparing for MCT?

    • I am using QLTS Advantage and finding them quite good! There is a lot of material (like 10 hours of lectures per unit) but overall it has been much better than I had expected.

    • Hi suha, I recently started QLTS school mct basic course for July 2020 exam. I am finding it good enough so far. Apart from 5 mock tests( recommended to be done once books are finished) , there are plenty ( more than 90 for each outcome)of exam style questions , which can be done after finishing or even before finishing each outcome.
      Overall I think they got plenty to prepare.
      Haven’t gone for QLTS advantage for mct coz of some not v wood reviews.
      Good luck .

  31. Hi all! I sat the OSCE in November and I studied with QLTS School. I found it actually useful, however still waiting fro results. I still have access to the web portal with mock tests and material until August 2020, let me know if you are interested!

    • Hi Alda,
      good luck with your results!
      How was your experience with the assessments? I will sit in May,I am preparing using the School materials. i find the 250 mocks very helpful.From your experiance with the exams were they relevant? I find Part 2quite challenging especially drafting and research. Any tips?
      Regards and seasons greetings



    • Hi Alda, I will be taking the May OSCE sitting, however since i have registered a bit early with the qlts school,my registration expired now and they are asking for £400 to extend it only for one sitting! I am very much interested in your subscription, just to have a look at the conduct changes. my address is bestedincer9494@gmail.com thanks very much!

    • Hi Alda,
      Best of luck with your results! I am trying to choose the school to prepare for the OSCE. To be honest, I can`t decide between the QLTS School, QLTS Advantage, Barbri and OSCE Smart. It would be good to see materials that the QLTS School offers. I would be very grateful, if you could share the access to the QLTS School web portal.
      Many thanks,
      Elmira (Elmira.o.mamedova@gmail.com)

    • Hi Alda and everyone,

      I`ll start preparing for the MCT for July 2020. Following the reviews, I`m thinking to go with the QLTS School. Is it worth paying for the Premium package (really expensive!).

      Is anyone happy to share any materials or books or access to the portal? My email address is Odeta_agovi@yahoo.com

      Alda – are you Albanian?

      Many thanks,

    • Hi Alda,

      I am unclear as to which OSCE course provider go with, so it would be greatly beneficial to get a grasp of QLTS School materials. I would highly appreciate if you could share the access to their website platform. My email is flancilloman@hotmail.com

      Many thanks in advance!

  32. Hi there,

    I am planning to take the OSCE Exam in May 2020. I have never taken any QLTS exams as I was exempted from the MCT (I completed the LPC a few years ago) so I am pretty new to this world.

    Has anyone prepare for the OSCE with Barbri? I am thinking to enroll with them but would really appreciate some feedback?

    Many thanks!

    • Hi JG! Wanted to find out whether you’ve settled on an OSCE provider yet. I’m in a similar position to you and planning to write the exam in May. Many thanks.

      • Hi Jennifer Quartey,
        Unfortunately I have heard mix reviews in most of the providers.
        Apparently Barbri offers a very structured course but the mocks they offer are weak in comparison to the real exam. I also heard that QLTS advantage offers great practice material which is very similar to that to the exam. I am tempting to go with QLTS advantage but there is one thing which is stopping me and it is because I am away the first weekend of their live sessions they offer (where they do role playing for interview and advocacy) and it will be a pity to pay such expensive course to miss one of the two weekends offered.

        Anyone has experience with these two providers (QLTS Advantage and Barbri) who can give us some feedback? Also if you miss one of the live session in Advantage is it really detrimental?

        Many thanks!

        • Hi JG! I’m just in the process of choosing a provider myself, and had a chat with customer support of QLTS Advantage today, as I’m in the same boat. I would miss both live tuition sessions, as I can’t travel to the UK at that time. They assured me that this is actually no issue at all, as they record the entire 2 weekends and videos of all lectures are made available in their online training platform the day after the event. So you can still get all the benefits by watching those replays. I talked to a fellow QLTS Advantage delegate who’s been at the sessions, and they said they were great, definitely a big advantage as these weekends really prepare you for the exam hands-on.

    • Hi, I am a LPC graduate and I am also planning to take the OSCE exams this year. Have you settled on a provider? I would be grateful for your reviews and any tips. I am considering OSCE Smart since they have a package for LPC graduates, which is not too costly, however, the package excludes access to LexisNexis.

  33. Hi Alda,
    good luck with your results!
    How was your experience with the assessments? I will sit in May,I am preparing using the School materials. i find the 250 mocks very helpful.From your experiance with the exams were they relevant? I find Part 2quite challenging especially drafting and research. Any tips?
    Regards and seasons greetings



  34. Hi Betty! I practiced a lot with QLTS school mock tests and I found the actual exam was pretty similar to the mocks. I am generally happy with the content of the course in terms of preparation…of course depending on the results!:-) Also the revision notes provided a good basis of knowledge! Good luck to you too!

  35. Hi, I am from Singapore and I purchased the QLTS School MCT Basic Package earlier this month.

    I just finished studying the A1 topic and the practice questions. So far, I think the materials are great, and they are in line with the SRA’s Day One Outcome!

      • Thanks, Miel. Very helpful.

        I am new to studying for the QLTS. Would you mind listing the books I should get per MCT topic? I went to the general website and the list is longer because it includes also other legal subjects, not in the MCT. I also saw the list of recommended books in this website. I think they are similar but because they are not updated, I want to make sure I am getting the right ones. If you can do it, I’d really appreciate it.

        • 1) English Legal System Concentrate: Law Revision and Study Guide by Tim Vollans and Glenn Asquith
          2) Public Law Concentrate: Law Revision and Study Guide by Colin Faragher
          3) Foundations for the LPC (Legal Practice Course Guide) for Professional Conduct (Outcome A3), Financial Services, Money Laundering, Income Tax, CGT, Inheritance Tax, Corporate Tax and VAT (Outcome A4). This book is not an OUP concentrate but it has sections relevant to MCT Outcome A3 and A4. It also has sections relevant to OSCE (e.g. wills and probate)
          4) Contract Law Concentrate: Law Revision and Study Guide by Jill Poole
          5) Tort Law Concentrate: Law Revision and Study Guide by Carol Brennan
          6) Equity & Trusts Concentrate: Law Revision and Study Guide by Iain McDonald and Anne Street
          7) Criminal Law Concentrate: Law Revision and Study Guide by Rebecca Huxley-Binns
          8) Business Law Concentrate: Law Revision and Study Guide by James Marson
          9) Human Rights Law Concentrate: Law Revision and Study Guide by Bernadette Rainey
          10) Land Law Concentrate: Law Revision and Study Guide by Victoria Sayles

          • You’re the best, Miel. Thanks. I posted this already but since you basically answered the question about Foundation for the LPC, I wanted to confirm if I also need Accounts for Solicitors 2019/2020 (CLP Legal Practice Guides)? Thanks.

      • Hi are the Oxford questions updated regularly? I went to the website and it looks good. I am just worried if they are current and there is a good quantity. Thank you.

  36. Do I need Foundations for the LPC 2019-2020 (Legal Practice Course Manuals) and Accounts for Solicitors 2019/2020 (CLP Legal Practice Guides) for the MCT?

    • Tbh i wasn’t able to read any book about Solicitors’ Accounts, Professional Conduct, Financial Services and Money Laundering.. I only read the rules on the SRA website. The book is suggested though if you want higher marks. I think you only need the Foundations for the LPC book.

  37. I’m still debating whether to go for OSCE Smart or QLTS School, any advice or reviews for either of these courses will be very much appreciated! I’m leaning towards OSCE Smart because of my LPC background and they offer a discounted package for LPC graduates, but I’m wondering if I would need to supplement it with more things. I anticipate that the OSCE would be quite similar to the LPC practical exams and knowledge content.

    Is the QLTS School any good? Is there a possibility of just purchasing their mock exam database?

  38. I made the ultimate mistake of enrolling with BCPS online course and now regretting it. Everything written on their website are all lies. I managed to get notes on Criminal law, Law of Torts, English Legal System and Law of Contract, little to nothing MCT practise questions. They were all the time coming up with stupid excuses why I cant access all subjects and practise questions. I have already paid £1100. All efforts to get them to proffer a solution met with silence. I need to sit for the July 2020 MCT exam and time is running out. Does anyone know the quickest way to get my money back and opt for a better provider as I dont have the money to pay for another provider right now.

    • Kola – I saw your comment and felt really bad for you. If they are being unhelpful and if, as you claim, they have misrepresented their QLTS course, threatening to go to the press usually works. Take as many screen shots as possible of what they say about their QLTS course, and write a short explanation of why it’s not true. And take screenshots of their emails as well. Write it into a Long email and say you plan to send to websites like rollonfriday or legalcheek. These are websites that are read by many law students and aspiring Lawyers, who would be happy to receive a tip off about a scam institution. Hope this works.

    • Hi Kola, I wish I read your review about BCPS earlier. I just enrolled with BCPS for full preparation. I was asked to pay to the tutor’s bank account instead of BCPS account. Is that how you did? They have not got back to me eversince and the exam is in July, I’m affraid this is a scam

  39. Anybodyelse who has experienced with BCPS? I bought full prep with tutor and I paid the money to the tutor’s bank account and I havent heard from them again since I paid. I’m really affraid this is scam.

  40. Hi Dhonke,
    We are in the same shoes. BCPS staffs seems to be very nice when you first call, they even call you back when they miss your call but the moment you pay,its a different ball game.I bought the full prep with tutor but got next to nothing in return and when I complained it takes them days to reply,thereby wasting your precious time to study. They have even presently upped their game by being abusive after demanding for a refund. Get back to me, we can fight to get refunded together

  41. Hi everyone,

    I have a complete set of books from QLTS school for the MCT 2019 prep which I do not need anymore. If anyone is interested, please let me know. I will give it away for free. However, you have to pay for the shipping yourself. I‘m based in Germany. Otherwise, I would just throw it away. 🙂

  42. Hi, it has been asked before but any (recent) experiences with BARBRI for OSCE please ? They seem to have very high success rates (81%) for MCT but rather average/normal for the OSCE (74%) which is basically the passing rates that SRA publishes, so I don’t know are they only good at MCT but not at OSCE? Any experiences please? On another note I am starting prep for the OSCE Nov 2020 (I am based in London) so if anyone is interested in a ‘study partnership’ from info/materials sharing or creating a ‘virtual’ study group let me know!

  43. Many thanks for sharing this feedback Elena! I much appreciate it I am about to purchase their prep course today. I may drop you a line to ask 1-2 more things if that is alright 🙂

    Thanks !

  44. Hi Guys,

    I have been scammed by BCPS and I have run out cash to buy other MCT courses. So, wondering if you guys still have access to your portal to share some of the lectures and exercise questions and mock exams for MCT? So it’s really appreciated if you could help, yet I have small cash if you need this, but now I badly need this. Hope somebody here is generous enough to help and to share the materials. Please email me at drkahfi@gmail.com Thanks alot

    • Since the whole QLTS journey would incur further costs (e.g. sitting for OSCE examination alone is 3600 GBP), I think you should only venture to sit for the QLTS/SQE when you have the cash prepared.

      • I know and you do not need to tell me about this!! If you cannot help please say nothing!

        I have prepared cost for the next steps but For MCT course I have just been SCAMMED. So wondering if somebody could share some mayerials for MCT mock test?

  45. Is anyone who has completed the MCT exams willing to give away course material (especially the books and any mock questions)? Would be eternally grateful!

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