QLTS Preparation courses reviews

First of all, congratulations to those of you who have passed the MCT!

Now it’s the time to give something back, I need your help.

Whether you have just passed the MCT or a newbie, or you have already completed the full QLTS process, I would ask you to share your experience while preparing for the QLTS.

Think about the information you would’ve needed when you did choose one preparation route instead of the other, and try to help a fellow QLTS candidate that is facing the same decision.

I would ask you to complete the poll below, and if you like to share any opinion in the comment box.

Think about the material, the support you received and the things that could be improved by your course provider.

All the blog readers will be extremely grateful to you, because every little peace of information helps!

Don’t be shy and be honest!

How did you study for the MCT?

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  1. Guys, to all of you who have already voted: Please leave a brief comment about the provider, the course, the material.
    Would you recommend the course? Why?

  2. I took the QLTS School for the MCT and the QLTs Advantge course for the OSCE. I absolutely do NOT recommend QLTS Advantage and am very unhappy to have invested in their services. I haven’t gotten my results so this is not related to my results, QLTS Advantage provided blatantly incorrect and outdated materials both regarding the substantive materials and the format of the exam itself.

    • Hi Tina. I am thinking of taking the QLTS Advantage course because it’s the only provider that offers live lectures. Do you think the lectures are useful? Thanks in advance for your reply.

    • I’m doing QLTS Advantage for both MCT & OSCE. I wish I had read this review beforehand, because I find the materials to be really awful. You have to read the materials on the computer, and when I asked for PDFs so that I can print out materials (I already spend 9-10/hrs a day at work staring at a screen, so I have NO interest in doing that when I get home), they gave me like 6 of the handouts and said something along the lines of “For the other stuff, you’re going to have to use Lexis or Google to learn about the case law.”

      I’m still confused as to what I am getting for the money I paid. The materials are so poorly written with typos everywhere, terrible organization and explanations, and they often just say stuff like “the factors can be found in XYZ case”. I wish I had seen this website before. I would have just bought the Oxford books and studied on my own.

      I guess I expected to receive concise outlines and explanations. How dumb of me.

      Waste of money.

  3. I took the QTLS School for both the MCT and the OSCE. The QTLS school basic materials for the MCT have a LOT of typos and sometimes a sentence or two doesn’t make sense. While you lose faith in the study materials because you’re paying approximately a thousand dollars for typos, I passed. I purchased the mid-tier OSCE materials from QTLS school for approximately $2,500 dollars. But you also have to pay approximately $400 for books (optional) and $400 for Westlaw and Lexis access for 4 months. Accordingly, you will be spending approximately $3,500 dollars at the end of the day to study by yourself with minimal feedback.

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