QLTS Course Providers Review: QLTS Advantage

I was recently contacted by a fellow QLTS student – David – who wanted to share his experience with one of the QLTS Course Providers: QLTS Advantage.

A little alert: I have not reviewed QLTS Advantage’s offering, nor I’m trying to say you should not buy their package. The entire purpose of this website is to help QLTS students with their preparation and unbiased info like this is extremely helpful.

QLTS Advantage offers an extremely competitive QLTS preparation package, which may suit a lot of you.

What is not really clear is what you get access to and the level of customer support that you get from QLTS Advantage.

David created a dedicate webpage to explain his experience, which you will find here.

Please let everybody know if you had similar experiences with them, or if you don’t agree with David.

Also QLTS Advantage is welcome if they want to comment or clarify some of the issues raised by David.

Finally, if you want to share your experience with other providers, please let me know and I will be happy to give you some space on Pass the QLTS.



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Hi! My name is Marco and I’m the guy behind PasstheQlts. As you would imagine, I graduated in Law in Italy and qualified as a solicitor in Italy and Spain. I was working in house for a retail company for the last few years in Italy, but then decided I needed a change of perspective, culture, opportunities and so on. And London was the answer to my internal struggle! I moved to London and now it’s time to set the next steps in my career. To be totally honest I knew that the only logical step, unless you are looking for a career change (yes, but what?), if you want to practice Law in the UK, is what this blog is about: to pass the QLTS Exam, the Qualified Transfer Scheme! Really, I am just a guy who has the goal to pass the QLTS Exam to build a professional career in Law in London. I will share my study plan with you, read all the possible guides, interview successful candidates and try to post everything online. Of course any help, question, comment or suggestion from you will be greatly appreciated! Best of luck! Cheers! M


  1. Hi Marco,

    Thank you very much for creating the page. i’m a Brazilian lawyer working in the UK and have decided to become a Solicitor this year. As I work full time I’d like to get more information about study materials and people’s past experiences before I commit to a course. Would you recommend any reading or experience?

    Thanks again!

    • Thanks Bianca, I really appreciate it. We all are on the same boat, and the lack of reliable reviews just doesn’t make any sense. I’m trying to get as many experiences as possible, so if you can suggest anything, feel free to use this space!

    • Hi Bianca, thanks so much I’m doing my best to collect as many experiences as possible – should you have any suggestion don’t hesitate to get in touch!

  2. hi there, the link is not working. I’m looking at QLTS advantage and would be great to hear experiences from someone has used them. Thanks

    • Do NOT use QLTS Advantage. It is really poor quality and I am about to issue a claim against them under the Consumer Guarantees Act – fitness for purpose.

      They rely on the manuals (which are okay if a little hard going), lectures, and multiple choice test questions. It is the test questions that let them down.

      The lectures use the test questions to cover the topics. However, about 5 – 10% of them are wrong, and so you are being mis-taught, or the lecturer is apologising. I took the pre assessment exam with them and scored 58%. I scored 57% in the exam, after about 120 hours of study or more. As such, I was mis-taught to the extent that my grades actually dropped by doing their study.

      I would genuinely advise to self study using this amazing web site (huge thank you Marco) or use someone else.

      Just to put it further into perspective, I am New Zealand qualified. NZ Law is so similar to English & Welsh. However, despite succeeding there, I failed here on my first go. Shows how tough it is and how useless Advantage is.

      Just my opinion and review, and I will happily discuss my views with a mind to changing them. 🙂

      • Thanks Buckingham for this experience, its really helpful for us.

        Kindly other seniors should express their experiences so the new comers/learner can walk on right track.

        thanks one again

      • Any time we learn that a customer is not fully satisfied with our product, we’ll do everything we can to rectify the situation. This is no exception. As we have already resolved this directly with the customer but this public discussion remains, we’d like to add some clarification.

        We have never taught wrong questions. In this case, there was an error where the wrong answers were displayed for a group of questions from one subject area in a mock exam. This was an unintentional and one-off mistake that was corrected promptly. Despite fixing this issue, the user was discontented with our course and we refunded him his full payment.

        As for advice that one is better off without our course, this is an opinion that we find hard to accept. While some delegates will certainly pass the QLTS without help of a course, the numbers speak for themselves: with each administration of the QLTS going back 5 years, our group’s overall pass rate consistently hovers between 15-25% above the global average pass mark. Countless success stories reinforce this. We’re always sorry to hear the odd criticism that comes our way, but we do listen and take every bit of feedback into consideration as we continuously craft, update, and improve our courses to ensure our delegates’ success.

        Not everybody passes the exam on the first try, and sometimes the blame comes our way. Ultimately we stand behind our product and our customers with a guarantee that every delegate may utilize the course and ALL its resources – including our support team, our full staff of tutors, updates to the materials, and also our esteemed Live Tuition – with NO extra cost *until passing the exam*. To our knowledge no other platform offers this guarantee.

        We hope this sheds some light on how we strive to offer to best QLTS training platform available. Thanks for reading.

        Holly Gaskin-Old
        President, Barrister-at-law
        QLTS Advantage

  3. I am afraid I had the same bad experience with QLTS Advantage. I wouldn’t have bothered with this review was it not for the inaccurate and almost offending answer from QLTS Advantage above.

    The mistakes with the misplaced answers to questions were a recurring phenomenon (there were definitely not a one-off) and I found myself emailing them on a number of occasions asking them to sort things out and basically improving their course for free!

    Further, materials were often missing (e.g. we were not given answers to some of the exercises) and it would be weeks before anyone would reply to my queries on substantive law, although they always said they were chasing the city law school professors.

    It should also be clarified that the practice scenarios and videos for training are really the core of OSCE parts I&II modules, i.e. the preparation is almost exclusively done through review of the videos of the previous live tuition weekends. These practice scenarios are not an additional feature but they are the core of the preparation materials.

    • Hi Lilly, thank you for your comment, it is very useful! All in all, would you recommend QLTS Advantage? Or would you recommend another program, if yes, which one?I am preparing for the OSCE and I am wondering which preparation program to take. Many thanks in advance for your reply!

      • I haven’t tried any other providers for OSCE so I don’t know how QLTS Advantage compares to the other providers. Maybe the others are even worse!

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