QLTS results for MCT and OSCE

A brief update on when to expect the release of the OSCE results (November/December 2016) and MCT results (February 2017).

Let’s have a look at the OSCE first.

The results are usually released within 14 weeks after the end of the assessment, meaning we’ll have to wait until April for them.

Last June the pass mark was 66% with a pass rate of 71%, rates that have been pretty consistent during the past years.

The MCT tells us a different story.

First of all, the results are released pretty quickly, usually within 4-5 weeks of the assessment date.

Expect to get them back by mid March.

Usually the Jan/Feb session is when the pass rate is the highest, 58/59%: will the MCT 2017 be the exception?

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  1. I just wanted to say thanks for posting these resources. I used the Oxford Concentrate books and review questions to prepare for the February 2017 MCT and got the email that I had passed last Friday.

    • Hi David! Congratulations and thanks for the exciting news! I’m so glad to hear that, please feel free to share your experience with the other users!

      • My basic approach was to print out the list of Day One Outcomes A1-A11 from the Kaplan website and to then prioritize them based on my own (perceived) familiarity with them. I am an attorney in the States, so contracts and torts were at the bottom of the list, while English Constitutional Law, EU Law, and Human Rights Law were at the top. I read the Concentrate books for English Legal System, Constitutional Law, and EU Law very closely and prepared good outlines. I was perhaps a little over-prepared for the constitutional law topics and I was definitely over-prepared on EU law. I had about the right level of preparation on everything else, although I should note (for the benefit of any other American lawyers reading this) the Brits have changed the rules of property quite a bit and a lot of the “old common law” stuff you learned in law school (like the rule against perpetuities) is out the window. On a related note, the contract and tort law stuff will be pretty familiar, but be sure to learn the names of the key Acts (like Sale of Goods Act 1979) and also be sure to have overview knowledge of key cases like Tremain v Pike (the rat disease/duty/negligence case). I got 73% overall.

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