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As my objective is to get the maximum result (i.e., to pass the QLTS) with the minimum possible effort (especially in terms of time consumption) I’m exploring different ways to get a decent and solid preparation.

One option which is worth exploring is given by podcasts.

To be honest I have never been a huge fan of podcasts, I just couldn’t see the added value in them.

I love listening to music – but that’s it, I would have never listened to someone blagging about random topics…till I came across a couple of brilliant minds (e.g. Tim Ferris)  and I totally fell in love with podcasts. But that’s a different story..

Long story short, you can find podcasts about literally everything – so why not law?

And to my – relative – surprise I found that even editors publish law focused podcasts that might be extremely useful to get that little insight or familiarity with the English Common Law system that is so far away from my knowledge and background.

Pearsons Education offers a fantastic series of podcasts – Law Express –  that cover most of the topics included in the Day 1 Outcome for the MCT.

There 152 podcasts covering most of the areas, from the English Legal system to Land Law or Tort Law.

I’ve just started listening to them, and I have to say that they are an excellent chance when walking, commuting or running.

The link   goes to Itunes, and you can then download the podcasts you like to your iphone, ipod or whatever you use. But I’m pretty sure you already know what I mean…

Hopethis helps!




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  1. Can I ask what you used for study materials in relation to dealing with “SRA” matters and accounting rules etc? It sits apart from the standard, more studious outcomes and so the usual concentrate books or law express books are less relevant.

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