The QLTS study plan

Now that I have decided that I will sit (and hopefully pass) the exam, it’s time to create my study plan (I love planning!!).

First of all: what do I need to study? After all I am a civil law qualified lawyer, I have poor if not zero knowledge of common law and – bear in mind – English is not my first language.

This thing is going to take some time, hence I need a real good plan and possibly some tips on how to cut a couple of corners.

Let’s start from the beginning.

There is no mandatory preparation for the QLTS, according to the SRA (and that’s good news).

Anyway from a quick google search there are 2 alternative paths:

– self preparation;

– a preparation course from a specialised school.

Preparation courses are more expensive, but you will be followed through the entire process but professional tutors and the study material will be provided.

There are many schools and I have read some of them are good and some of them aren’t – as for everything in life, but I’d love to hear comments from people that took each course (maybe in a future post).

Some of the schools offering courses, just googling “QLTS School”, are:

QLTS School (the clue is in the name!)


QLTS Advantage

The range of courses vary, some are class based some others offer distance learning programme and so does the price – but generally the prices go from 1000 £ to 2500 £ for each module of the exam.

It means that on top of the 3500 £ to sit the exam, you’d end up spending another 2500 £ minimum. And that’s bad news!

Luckily google offers a range of alternative solution, and the most viable is self preparation.

Self preparation is obviously the cheapest solution, but you will have to gather all the relevant material and to make sure that you are not spending time or money on a crappy guide put together by some random guy.

To assess the chances of making it with study material I can get – possibly for free – I need to make some research…

Wish me luck!


P.s. Do you know other schools that you wish to recommend? Just let me know, and we can have a chat and you can tell me your experience!



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Hi! My name is Marco and I’m the guy behind PasstheQlts. As you would imagine, I graduated in Law in Italy and qualified as a solicitor in Italy and Spain. I was working in house for a retail company for the last few years in Italy, but then decided I needed a change of perspective, culture, opportunities and so on. And London was the answer to my internal struggle! I moved to London and now it’s time to set the next steps in my career. To be totally honest I knew that the only logical step, unless you are looking for a career change (yes, but what?), if you want to practice Law in the UK, is what this blog is about: to pass the QLTS Exam, the Qualified Transfer Scheme! Really, I am just a guy who has the goal to pass the QLTS Exam to build a professional career in Law in London. I will share my study plan with you, read all the possible guides, interview successful candidates and try to post everything online. Of course any help, question, comment or suggestion from you will be greatly appreciated! Best of luck! Cheers! M


  1. Hi Marco,
    I am a foreign lawyer (South African) also now looking at doing this course. Did you decide on one, and how did it work for you? I am not working at present, so I want something that gives me the ability to get help from an individual as I progress through the learning cycle.
    Appreciate your input. Regards, Peter

    • Hi Peter, I did not take any course since I preferred the DIY way. All I know is that QLTS school is the market leader and people are generally satisfied, while BPP has a great reputation and QLTS Advantage is the cheapest solution, but I have had no bad reviews for any of these. If you decide to go with any of these I would be grateful if you would share your comments here, it would be greatly appreciated! Let me know if I can be of any further help…Marco

      • Thanks Marco. Do you know of any recruitment agencies in London who specialise in helping foreign lawyers find employment here while completing the QLTS?

        • Hi Peter, when I first moved to London I started doing document review. The job is possibly the dullest ever, but it pays the bills. Also as a common law qualified lawyer you will probably have access to the higher end of the market. Shoot me an email ( and I’ll get you in touch with a couple of agencies.

  2. Hi to all.
    As everyone here, i’m planning to move to the UK too. I’m a lawyer from Bulgaria. What do you think about the situation with the job opportunities for solicitors (after we take the QLTS exam) in the UK? I’ve read a lot of articles and have spoken to some friends in the UK and the situation is not so good.
    I’ve spoken to the SRA authorities too and they said, that, if we take the QLTS exam, we can apply for direct admission as solicitors in the roll, without any training contracts. That is good, but the job opportunities and the rising discrimination is bothering me a lot. What do you think?

    Good luck to all in this battle: George

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